I am David Laing – Maybe We’ll Stay EP

David Laing is a singer songwriter from the west coast of Scotland. Over the years he has played in numerous bands but now is now plying his trade under the moniker I am David Laing. Having released his debut album Please Don’t Mind the Words back in 2015 it’s been a long wait for some new material. Maybe We’ll Stay is an EP of confessional tracks where David is wearing his heart firmly on his sleeve.

The EP opens on an upbeat groove with the jaunty ‘Let’s Go Way’.  This feels like something completely different for David. It’s really optimistic and bounds along. Cracking stuff.

‘We Can Fall’ comes in next. Gently picked out on the guitar, with a chorus that is surely going to break hearts, this is David at his best and is my highlight of the EP. ‘All All Over’ is the brutally honest song that the title suggests. It has a very simplistic melody but it’s the lyrics that are doing the heavy lifting here.  Same goes for ‘Five O’clock Rice’. It has the feel of a page from someone’s secret diary pages set to music.

The EP concludes with the discordant ‘We Fall Out’.  Lyrically and musically this is grown up stuff. From the dark imagery to the start stop of the chorus this is an altogether more mature sound.

With a second album in the works this EP gives us a strong indicator of the more abstract song writing we can expect when it lands.

Maybe We’ll Stay is available on all good streaming platforms now.

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