The Method One – 21st Century Fox

After many, many years of waiting we now have the debut single from Greenock’s very own The Method One. This band are renowned for their incendiary live shows. I was keen to find out if that vital spark of energy would translate into the recorded form.

I needn’t have worried. Guitarist and songwriter Robert McGovern, has crafted a perfect slice of rock ‘n’ roll. Straight from the intro you can tell this is going to be a wild ride.

The guitars arrive on a feedback drenched wall of sound but it’s when singer, Dave Mac, bursts in you know you are listening to something special. This guy can wail. Move over Bobby G, Liam G and all the rest.

Guitarist Gary Foley and Robert are really complimentary with their guitar lines. Each supporting the other building to an epic outro.

John McLelland and Dodge, drums and bass, provide an absolute powerhouse of a backbeat reminiscent of the MC5.

Putting it all together you have a pretty special track. With an album in the pipeline it won’t be long before The Method One will be playing in arenas. You heard it here first!

’21st Century Fox’ is out now on iTunes, Amazon music and Spotify.

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