Red Rum Club – Kids Addicted

red-rum-club-single-coverLiverpool’s Red Rum Club are one of those bands who I kept hearing good things about from people whose opinion I trust, yet I never ever got around to listening to.

That was until I had the chance to see them at Glasgow’s Stag and Dagger Festival last May. As I walked into the venue to catch their set they were described to me as “the soundtrack to a Tarantino movie”. What an accurate description that turned out to be!

From that performance onward, I have become addicted to their brilliant music; their debut album Matador is incredible. I was therefore excited a few weeks ago, when the band released ‘Kids Addicted’ their new single and the first new music since that debut album.

Give the single a listen (below), but do yourself a favour and grab the album, and then really treat yourself and go out and catch them live; you too will become a kid, addicted!

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