Emme Woods – It’s Ma Party EP

It’s Ma Party is the latest release from one of Scotland’s most exciting up and coming artists Emme Woods.

Let’s kick off with getting the lazy comparisons out the way. Yes, she has that smoky jazz club vibe going on but she isn’t just another Amy Winehouse. No sir. Yes, there is a definite Tarantino soundtrack quality to her music, but that’s just on the surface.

Underneath is the wholly original, ever-evolving, ass-kickin’ Scots sass that will surely propel her onto bigger and bigger stages.

Let’s get into the EP itself. Funded via a pledge campaign It’s Ma Party is a snapshot of Emme’s music right now. A black & white snap in some lonely smoky bar somewhere.  Spread across these five tracks are a clear statement of intent. This lady means business.

‘Mother doesn’t love you’ kicks things off with a reverb-drenched swagger. “I told you that I loved you, but I lied” she spits. The horns answering her dancing guitar lines. As opening tracks go, this is up there.

The title track is up next.  The slow-burning verses explode into the choruses. As well as producing this EP Emme has worked with some really creative people to make an accompanying short film.  This track has a such a cinematic feel and the accompanying video really captures that 60’s art-house vibe the song exudes. Check the video out below.

Next up is ‘Kill yer darlin’. This track has verses with a paranoia-inducing guitar line which, when we get to the choruses, almost break down with relief as they are smothered in a warm brass hug. A real roller coaster of a listen this one.

If Emme has a calling card it’s her heart on sleeve approach to her songwriting. This is most evident on the EP’s undoubted highlight for me, ‘Lullaby for a lost soul’. This is goosebumps stuff right from the off. You can hear how painful these words are for her to sing in every single line. Just a beautiful song.

The EP comes to a close with the ballad ‘You left a bruise’. It feels almost weird to hear an acoustic strum in this track. There’s something about this track that feels sunny which makes it the ideal place to leave the EP and reflect on what we have heard.

There is absolutely no doubt Emme Woods is going to make a big splash with this EP. With songs of this calibre, how could she not?

To get your invite to the Emme Woods party head over to her Big Cartel page for a vinyl copy of the EP. It’s also available on all your usual streaming platforms.

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