Moving Past the Daydream: Don Barclay Interview

We were lucky enough to catch up with Don Barclay, the once frontman of Aberdeen-based indie rock band Daydream Frenzy. With the band having gone their own way, and some relocation under all their belts, Don is back making music. Here’s how our brief catch up went.

Some readers may know you as the frontman of Daydream Frenzy who released one album and were starting to hit their stride with singles like, “Shout” (and I assume) gearing up for what would’ve been a stellar follow-up album. What happened?

Daydream Frenzy (DF) was what I gave everything to musically from January 2010 and we had some incredible shows and I’m really proud of what we accomplished, and the fact we did it all on our own.

In June last year I relocated to Kent, Fraser, our guitarist got married and our drummer Ross moved to Austrialia so there was just no point in trying to keep it moving. I still wear my DF tattoo with pride. It was some of the best times in my life.

You’ve gone solo and are releasing singles again, what’s different this time as opposed to being in the band?

I like it because I dont have to rely on anyone. I mean, I love the guys in DF but it was sometimes a struggle with commitment so doing this and being effectively my own boss and sorting exactly when I play, doing last minute gigs or things like that is so much fun. It’s strange not having a booming drum kit or guitars beside me but I’m slowly getting used to being alone. It goes with the lyrical content really (laughs).

Do you sound different to how Daydream Frenzy sounded?

Vocally I’m far more comfortable in myself. Its miles apart from what DF did which is a good thing I think. I wouldn’t want to do something similar right now. I want to do something different.

The lyrical content is extremely honest and bare. And I’ve found my way of singing. There are elements similar to DF with melody I think. I’m a sucker for a melody. It always comes first and then the lyrics are usually made by how the melody makes me feel.

So the way of writing songs hasn’t changed really.

You’ve a new single out, and it’s a common topic; about a girl. What’s the story there?

Jenny is about a girl not called Jenny. I’m sorry I lied..forgive me?

It is however about a girl I had feelings for and never thought she felt the same…ever. It turned out she did but by then it was too late. That song is about just telling someone how you feel. What have you got to lose? 5 minutes of awkwardness? Sign me up!

It’s something I would have never done before but the older I get the less I overthink things and worry…(sometimes)

What’s next on the horizon recording-wise?

I’m currently doing singles and concentrating on songwriting as much as I can. I dont want to rush in to an EP or album just yet.

I’ve recorded with Matt Barnes who is incredible. He worked with Emeli Sandé and I feel he captures what I’m trying to create really well. I’m just trying to make the best and most honest art I can.

I’m assuming you’re back to playing live shows again?*

Indeed! Whenever and wherever around Kent, east Sussex and London that will have me!

Will we see you playing back in Scotland any time soon?*

Absolutely. I adore Scotland. It’s my home and there is a thriving music scene in places.

I also miss good haggis

Thanks Don. You can stay in touch with him through Twitter and Instagram. Now check out his latest single, ‘Jenny’ (about a girl not called Jenny) is out now and you can hear it below.

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