Lavinia Blackwall – Waiting for Tomorrow

Ex Trembling Bells multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter extraordinaire Lavinia Blackwall is back with jaunty piece of folk pop to brighten your winter skies.

‘Waiting for Tomorrow’ is the first material from Lavinia’s upcoming solo album.

We start off with a pastoral Kinksesque intro which leads us into Lavinia’s vocal. My first thought when I heard this was how imaginative her melody line was, almost off kilter. Reminded me of The Incredible String Band at their finest. All the while this is going on, behind we have a driving rhythm section and the most complimentary backing vocals you could ask for. Be warned listeners, the call and response of the chorus will be stuck in your head for days. Check out the video here.

Over on the flip side we have the complex ballad ‘All Seems Better’. Sounding like Sandy Denny being backed by The Notorious Byrd Brothers the song meanders along gently, slowly revealing its many layered charms along the way.

If this is any indication of the standard of her songs you can be assured Lavinia’s album will be a must buy when it’s released. ‘Waiting for Tomorrow’ is out now on limited edition seven-inch vinyl and download via Lavinia’s Bandcamp page.


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