The Marx – The Void EP

The Marx are a four-piece rock band from Dundee. Or more accurately, they are a punk band who play rock and roll. Originally conceived in Dundee as a three-piece punk band they have since added a dirty blues guitarist to add some roll to their . . . well, rock.

The punk tradition of short, energetic, punchy songs is present in all five of the tracks on the EP with the longest being just over three minutes long. Getting a blues guitarist to curtail the solos to under twenty minutes is an achievement in itself and the punk rock that is at the heart of The Marx just simply won’t allow such extravagance.

Opening track ‘Down’ bursts into life in a furious flurry of fingers on the guitar fretboard. This is pure rock ‘n’ roll with a punk rock vocal style somewhere between Jimmy Pursey and Pete Shelley. The tempo continues in title track ‘The Void’ but slows down briefly for a nice guitar solo before picking back up towards the end; all in under two and half minutes. ‘Profit’ is an angry two-minute rant against modern attitudes in true punk tradition. The last two tracks, ‘Speaking Secret’ and ‘Celebrate the Dead’ slow things down a bit and give a glimpse of the classic rock band that is being bullied into the background by its punk rock peers.

Back in the day as punk rock was burning itself out there was a transition from punk to metal or hard rock that hard-core punks found hard to take. There is a classic rock band in here somewhere but I just love the way that the punk band digs in and doesn’t back down.

You can stream or buy The Void EP here.

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