Employed to Serve – Harsh Truth

Recent Spinefarm Records/Universal Music Group signing Employed to Serve have dished up a tasty appetiser for second album ETERNAL FORWARD MOTION with their latest single, following on from January’s lead offering ‘Force Fed’.

‘Harsh Truth’ gives us everything that we’ve come to expect from the self-confessed noisy hardcore band who are fast becoming the masters of the UK hardcore metal scene. A key feature being their ability to shape shift their sound while maintaining a constant familiarity. It’s no real surprise that this band are on a road to success with slots at festivals later this year after headline shows in Manchester, London and Glasgow.

The track comes limping into life as we are greeted by an isolated and almost lethargic drum beat which lulls us in before the very familiar, dominant and somewhat divisive screamo vocal from Justine Jones arrives. Closely followed by a shrieking guitar and bobbing bass line to complete the layered canvas on which this song is built, before thrusting into the buffeting verse, chorus, verse coming in waves like a dark, heavy crushing ocean.

Sombre in comparison to lead single ‘Force Fed’, released in January, this latest effort shows restraint and commits to the austere tone of the track. This alludes to the forthcoming album being varied and the let-up in speed across the full four minutes and eighteen seconds allows the emotion behind the lyrics stand at the fore to become the focal point, in a similar fashion to 2015 track ‘Bones to Break’.

The middle section of down-tuned guitars and melodic rhythm of bass and drums snaking and rising in unity culminating in an ear-splitting breakdown that takes us into the outro that you’ll find ridiculously hard to avoid banging your head to.

Employed to Serve’s third album ETERNAL FORWARD MOTION, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2017’s head-banger-fest The Warmth of a Dying Sun is due out on 10th May this year and can be pre-ordered here now.

If you’re looking to get your ears around this in a live setting, ETS have two album launch shows in May;

Friday 10th May – London – The Garage with Devil Sold his Soul and Loathe
Saturday 11th May – Glasgow – Classic Grand with Haggard Cat

We’ll see you in Glasgow Employed to Serve!

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