Lola in Slacks – Postscript in Blue

It’s not often I get to review something which feels as unique as the new single from Glasgow’s Lola in Slacks.

The band comprises of seasoned players from the Glasgow scene, led by the Francophile singer-songwriter Lou Reid. Lou writes with guitarist Brian McFie who many will remember from his work with The Big Dish.

‘Postscript in Blue’ sways along gently like a boat on a gentle tide. The song itself is about a trip Jean Cocteau took with Chaplin and wrote about in a postcard to his true love Edith Piaf. You can’t help but be entranced by the dark brooding guitars and the lush descending chords of the chorus. Lou’s smoky voice evokes late night Paris jazz clubs and oozes confidence and belief. By the time the song ends you want to hear it again. There’s lots to discover here and you will be rewarded on each listen.

Over on the flip side we have ‘Little Vandal’ which again features thick reverb-drenched guitar against a spoken word introduction from Lou Reid. However, it’s when Lesley McLarens driving drums come in that this song reveals itself to be a lush, grand, atmospheric soundtrack to a film in our imaginations. The single bodes very well for the band’s debut album coming later this year.

‘Postscript in Blue’ is available on seven-inch vinyl via or in Mono in Glasgow. You can also download and stream the single from all the usual places.

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