Bis – Slight Disconnects

Bis are back with a blindingly brilliant bombastic belter of an album in Slight Disconnects. Punk disco hasn’t sounded this good since the heady days of ‘Kandy Pop’ and ‘Eurodisco’. 

New single ‘Sound of a Heartbreak’ kicks off proceedings and the first thing that strikes you is the immediacy of Bis’s music. It’s an almost effortless and uplifting experience. Doing so is not an easy thing to achieve for any band, but this isn’t any band. They’ve been honing their sound for 25 years now and that experience is brought to bear to great effect.

Heartbreak is a theme that pops up a few times on this album, such as on ‘Dracula, You Broke My Heart’ and ‘(I Wanna go out with) Someone Else’. Behind the kicking punk pop hooks are songs of introspection and revelation. In ‘Someone Else’ singer/keyboard player extraordinaire, Manda Rin is singing about Bis and their evolution to the point where they find themselves now.

For me, this all too short album, which concludes with its finest moment, ‘The Big Sunshine’. This track wraps up neatly the feeling of heartbreak that permeates throughout. The pounding drums and subtle arrangement really allow the band members three voices to really shine. The performance by Manda on this track is particularly spellbinding.

This is the sound of a band who have found a fresh new creativity and energy. If you are going to catch any of their live shows this year you’d best prepare to dance all night!

Slight Disconnects by Bis has more hooks than a fisherman’s dingy and is out via Last Night from Glasgow Records on 15th February 2019.

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