Das Plastixx – You Wait For War

Glaswegian rockers Das Plastixx continue their impressive progress with the release of their new single ‘You Wait For War’.

Once again Das Plastixx manage to release exciting rock music that manages to slip in between any genres you try to throw at it. Along with B-side ‘Alien Again’ the dark, psychedelic journey continues where previous EP release Button Up left off.

Recorded by Daryll McFadyen at Gorbals Sound ‘You Wait For War’ starts in irritable mood and only gets more aggressive at it goes along. If TV’s Black Mirror needed a new soundtrack this would fit perfectly. It’s nice to hear today’s youth getting angry at the world around them. The spooky synth intro to ‘Alien Again’ quickly builds with Jack Mohan’s vocal dripping over a boisterous riff. The eerie synth sound runs right through this track and the darkness the band have unearthed continues.These two tracks show how far Das Plastixx have come musically in the past twelve to eighteen months. There is a confidence in the new material and real sense of purpose and direction that has me gagging for more.

The past twelve months have been busy for the band and they’ve used that time wisely. They have shared stages with some of the most exciting acts in the country, including Rascalton and Fling, and sold-out shows with the likes of The Ninth Wave. The band was also selected for the final shortlist of Tenement TV’s T-Break shortlist, and on their Top Picks feature for King Tuts New Year’s Revolution Festival.

The next twelve months are shaping up to be just as busy, beginning with the single launch in Audio, Glasgow on Saturday 28th of April and their first venture to Paisley on Saturday 9th of June at Callum’s Cavern. Don’t sit about waiting on these guys making a name for themselves, get out there and catch them in the act.

‘You Wait For War’ will be available for download/streaming on Friday 27th April.

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