The Good Arms – Krypt2nite EP

I first caught The Good Arms by chance in King Tut’s in Glasgow one Saturday night in July of 2017.

A night in Tut’s hadn’t been the plan but sometimes the best nights just end up that way. I knew nothing about these four Glasgow lads but straight away their blend of funky Hendrix style wah-wah laden guitar, classic rock and a more modern hard-rock sound had me hooked. Hendrix covers are an endangered species these days so to hear a brilliant cover of ‘Foxy Lady’ really made my night.

Early in November The Good Arms released their debut EP, Kryp2nite. Running to just three tracks this is a perfect little taster of what these guys have to offer. And what they offer is rock and roll with a groove that will have you struggling to sit still.
As a gentleman of a certain age I’m a sucker for a good riff. Throw in a screamer of a guitar solo and you’ll never get rid of me. Add in a funky Hendrix groove and unfortunately you have no option but to witness some classic dad-dance moves. Krypt2nite has all three.

All three of these tracks are an utter delight, each in their own way. The Hendrixesque intro of ‘Zakha Din Hada’ had me grinning like a fool. ‘Crib Tonight’ has an infectious hook and a rhythm that could easily go with a 1970s TV cop show. Opening track and lead single ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll’ is a cracker and has already picked up some well-deserved radio play.

You can stream Kryp2nite on the usual services. Do yourself a favour and set it on repeat.

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