WCFW back-catalogue for Charity

The brilliant We Came From Wolves are giving you the chance to own all their music and give shelter for the homeless at Christmastime.

The band have made their entire back-catalogue available for you to download for the price of a donation which goes to a local charity.

So, read the below and then be charitable…

Hey everyone,

Apologies for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks, it’s been a full on year and we are having a bit of time to properly re-charge before we make our next move.

For the last few Christmases, we’ve raised funds for causes close to our hearts by donating the profits of our music towards them, we’ve given money to local food banks and homeless shelters through your donations and continue to hold these organisations in highest regard, this year, we want to help Glasgow City Mission continue their inspiring work within the City.

This year they are providing a night shelter for those living on the streets this winter, a hot meal and company on Christmas day for those with nowhere to go and will be continuing their efforts into 2018 providing food banks, clothing, sustenance and support to the people affected by homelessness.

For the rest of 2017, we will be making our entire works on Bandcamp (including our debut album & new EP) available for a “pay what you feel” donation, of which 100% of the funds will be donated to the charity.

This gives you the chance to get hours of original music, at a price YOU decide, and simultaneously be donating towards this truly brilliant cause.

If everyone seeing this post grabbed our songs and donated even just a couple of pounds, we’d raise an incredible amount of much-required money to help an organisation like this continue to provide the help that people, just like you and I, so badly need.

Homelessness can truly affect anyone, no story is the same and unfortunately, we could all be just a few knocks away from a horrible situation.

I can’t fathom for a second how people on the street get through their days & nights, especially at this time of year, in the cold, ice and rain, with no one to turn to…so to have a charity like Glasgow City Mission helping the way they do in providing some hope and a lifeline to our brothers and sisters in need, is something that we should all help to grow and sustain.

If you are a fan of our music, then please download some of our work over the last 7 years and in doing so, truly help to not only look after someone this Christmas, but to help a brilliant organisation continue to rebuild people’s lives


Please share this, explain what it’s all about and take care of those who need our help!

Thank you,

x WCFW x


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