Huxtable – Change Shape Future EP

As the title suggests, the latest EP from Kilmarnock’s Huxtable is still Huxtable, but not as we know them. A seemingly quiet period for Marc and Jordan was in fact a period of quiet creativity. Perhaps quiet is the wrong word because quiet is certainly not what Huxtable do. With a whole load of new songs to share the boys turned to producer and engineer Mark Morrow to get the best out of them.

The original plan was to record a full album but the band felt the time wasn’t quite right so the result is a five track EP of raging bangers from first track to last. Huxtable are well-known for their loud riff driven rock but it’s evident immediately on the opening track, and lead single, ‘Don’t Do Anything Fancy’ that they’re also no strangers to a sharp hook. The addition of a quirky kazoo riff might seem weird but you’ll be humming it for weeks!

As is often the case it is the track I initially find awkward that grows to become my favourite track and so it is with ‘Super Toxic’. ‘You Got It To Go’ is more of a classic Hux sound but with some nice vocals running underneath the main riff which really lifts the song. Penultimate track ‘Break It Hard’ is a cracker of a rock song with Jordan’s vocal right up in your face while Marc’s drums set about your head insisting they are a force you can’t ignore.

By now it’s clear that there is a lot more complexity to the songs than in earlier offerings. The boys have upped their game, but as last track ‘Act of War’ tells us, retrospect is ugly, and Huxtable certainly have their eyes focused on an interesting future. This EP will go a long way to getting them there.

Friday 29


September sees King Tut’s in Glasgow host the launch show for Change Shape Future. Those that have seen Huxtable perform before will know just how huge they sound and how energetic every show is. Those who haven’t seen them before really must ask themselves why. The 29th is not just any show, this is a launch show for the EP, so get along and support it!

You can have a listen to lead single ‘Don’t Do Anything Fancy’ below.


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