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On the 17th of June, The Bungalow in Paisley hosts the final of the Party at the Palace Battle of the Bands competition. The prize is a slot on stage playing to the Festival crowd over the weekend in August.

We decided to meet up with all four finalists to introduce them to the Musicscramble readership and find out how they’re feeling about the upcoming event.

First up are Atlas Run. So let’s start off with some introductions:

Who is the band and where do you come from?
We are Atlas Run from Glasgow (and thereabouts)

Could you introduce the band members?
We have Paul Howie on vocals and guitar, Ryan Hamilton on lead guitar, Ryan Monteith on drums and Stefan Connor on bass.

How long have you been together and where did you meet?
It’s been just under a year since we’ve been playing together, feels like much longer though. The two Ryan’s used to play in a band together but after that band broke up they were looking to start something different and met Paul and myself (Stefan) through a Local Musicians group on Facebook. After a couple of sessions in the studio working on some song ideas we all had, things began coming together pretty quickly.

How would you describe your sound to our readers who have not yet heard you?
Modern Scottish Indie Rock with big choruses and riffs. And loads of sad lyrics of course.

What is your one stand out track everyone should hear?
Our track ‘Home’ is our main single so far. It’s got that big hook that a song needs for everyone to get in their head and sing along. It’s also really fun to play live and we made a music video for it that we’re really proud of. However, we’re just finishing up a new EP called Depths that is set to be released in July and we think we’ve got a couple new stand out tracks on there.

Let’s talk a little about the heats of the Party at the Palace Battle of the Bands….

How important is these kinds of events for up and coming bands?
Definitely very important for us. It’s given us a chance to meet and share the stage with some great bands. Getting feedback from experienced judges has been really helpful as well, it’s allowed us to keep improving and developing our live set which is really valuable.

Did you feel the competition was tough in any of the rounds you took part in?
Absolutely yeah, we played with Noah in the first heat who really impressed us with their harmonies and tightness as musicians. In the semi-final Black Dove had great tunes and Neon Hurricane were really technically impressive and fun to watch. The standard was very high all round really, it really highlights the strength and diversity of the music scene at the moment.

Were you surprised when you got through?
I’m not sure if we were surprised because we all felt like we had played a great set. We were really feeding off each other’s energy and I think it showed in the performance, so we were pretty hopeful. Even then, we still had no idea how it would go because of the quality of the other bands, so it was a massive buzz to hear we got through.

How are you feeling about playing the Final on 17th of June?
We’re excited and very optimistic. The venue has been fun to play at and the atmosphere we have received during the previous heats has really encouraged us. However the other bands are really talented from what we’ve heard so it’s definitely not going to be easy.

What can fans expect from your live show at the Final?
We’re working on a brand new track at the moment and we’re hopeful to have it ready in time to debut at the final. It’s a wee bit of a different vibe from our usual stuff while still having our distinct sound. If we can pull it off we’re know it’s going to be something pretty special. Plus you can expect a great energy from us on stage and a lot of catchy songs to get stuck in your head.

What does winning and getting to play at the Festival mean for you?
It’d be a massive achievement and a huge opportunity for us. To get to play a festival main stage in such an amazing setting with some of the bands we grew up listening to would be unreal and would give us a chance to get our music to a wider audience.

Apart from at the final, where can people check out your music, keep in touch, and follow your movements?
You can get our music on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud and everywhere you expect online these days. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Keep your eyes peeled for new music coming very soon

You can catch Atlas Run, and three other excellent bands at the final at The Bungalow in Paisley on the 17th of June. Come, support your local music scene.

Photo Credit: Beth Mulvey

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