Finding Argyle – I Refuse To Leave You Behind

Self-proclaimed post-hardcore, pop-punk outfit Finding Argyle recently put out their latest single in the form of an audio-only YouTube video.

‘I Refuse To Leave You Behind’ highlights a shift in their sound. A warbling guitar intro gives way to a vocal that holds a distinctive quality as we are delivered a story about how precious our time is when held up against the achievements we make within that time allocated to us.

The deep, thought-provoking lyricism is carried along by the upbeat and pop-riddled riffery and harmonised chanting that has helped established bands of the genre achieve hero status in the world of music. By adding a dose of maturity to the mix, they’ve lifted my hopes that Finding Argyle’s debut album will be something to behold – sign me up!

Finding Argyle are due to play Glasgow’s Hug and Pint on Monday 20th March and you can listen to the song below.

Alan Gray

Senior Writer and Editor at Musicscramble. Listens to a wide range of music. A sucker for a heavy bass line and a thundering guitar hook.

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