The 21st State – Stereo, Glasgow – 18/02/17

It can’t happen very often that the opportunity of a guest list ticket gets passed up in favour of buying a ticket to a much smaller show. The 21st State supporting Bloodlines was a sufficiently intriguing combination for me to pass up the freebie and head to Stereo to see if it was worth the risk. No pressure then, guys.

Bloodlines’ headliner set from the same show has already been reviewed on Musicscramble so I’d like to point you in the direction of a fine support set by The 21st State; who are fast becoming a Musicscramble favourite. The set began with the electronic flurry of the intro to ‘Shadows’ with the melodic harmonies of joint frontmen Andrew Duncan and Craig Horne lifting the set opener perfectly.

‘Jigsaw’ and its lovely, intricate guitar fitting perfectly over the vocal was followed by ‘Hide’, a relatively new song, was up next. Then it was back to an older track with ‘Waiting’ before the title track of the EP ‘Stepping Stones’. They closed their energetic set with ‘Colours’ which is my personal favourite; so this set things up for the headliners perfectly for me.

It’s been good to follow the progress of The 21st State over the past year or so and it’s apparent that this is a band who are getting better with every show. The interaction onstage, particularly between the two front men, shows a group of musicians happy to be making music and also very comfortable in their collective skin.

So was it worth passing up the freebie? Damn right it was.

Photos: Alan K. Gray at akgphotos

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