Twin Heart – 13th Note, Glasgow – 11/02/17

Kilmarnock’s rock aristocrats Twin Heart premiered their latest single ‘Down’ in Glasgow’s 13th Note recently, ably supported by local bands City Orchard and Broke.

The venue is far from large and it can be difficult to see the acts but this is wholly made up for by the sound. That evening, the venues shortcomings wouldn’t be an issue as the small-but-enthusiastic crowd gathered round the speakers as Dawn Baxter, singer and guitarist of the band, invited us close as she was complaining about being cold.

All thoughts of temperature vanished as the band launched into ‘Losing Trust’ and the energy in the room began to build. They rapidly blasted through ‘Suffocating’ and ‘Forever Gone’ before we reached the heart of the evening; ‘Down’ is another thought-provoking number from the mistress of the thought-provoking lyric and tempo change. A huge drum, bass and driven guitar intro rages before Dawn starts singing, sounding fragile but don’t be deceived as the rage soon returns with Murray on drums and Owen on bass. It’s a perfectly blended three and a half-minute track, capturing the loss and regret of perceived failure. They are an Emo band after all.

The latter part of the set was last years EP, Progress: Decline, starting with the earworm ‘Ghosts’ then ‘Young Eyes’ and ‘Speak to Me’ before finishing with the crowd-pleaser ‘Failure of Another’.

This was another technically brilliant set from a band who are rapidly becoming masters of their game. The intimate venue let Dawn interact with the crowd and the stage was too tight to let Owen fall on his arse again.

I hope to catch Twin Heart play their home town soon with local support and the Kilmarnock Massive going nuts at the front.

We previously published the video for ‘Down’ which you can enjoy here.

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