Mohawk Radio – Shoot From The Hip EP

Back in November I ventured out to see a couple of up and coming bands at London’s 229 venue. One of the bands was Manchester rockers Mohawk Radio and it was hard not to be entertained.

Especially impressive was the lead vocalist, Mia Page. A singer with a powerful voice and larger than life stage presence. Fast forward two months and the band are now releasing their new EP, Shoot From The Hip.

Coming three years after their first (Halfway To Heaven), it is clear to see the huge growth in that time. Lead track ‘On Your Knees’ is the definite standout but all five tracks are quality.


Page’s voice is up front and central from the off. ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ showcases her vocal range but also how tight the band has become. Gentler songs ‘Ready to Love’ and ‘Even’ slow things down but are equally impressive. ‘Get What You Deserve’ is last and probably the weaker of the five tracks but that said, is still a strong addition.

This is an excellent EP from a group heading in the right direction. Not only do the songs sound quality but the band also sound like they are ready for the next level.

Check out the video for lead track ‘On Your Knees’ below.


Rich Kirkwood

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