Dearly Beloved – Admission

Take a heap of low-frequency, a large dose of screeching guitar and a scoop of chanting lyricism. Add to that a legendary studio and mix and Canadian four-piece Dearly Beloved have found the perfect recipe while concocting their latest creation, Admission.

The album was turned around in just 14 days, within the confines of Dave Grohl’s infamous Studio 666, and showcases the band’s intent on bringing their live sound to the studio. Critiquing themselves as “chaos tempered with love – delivered with fury”, it’s apparent that these characters are very much self-aware and honest when holding their quote up against their work.

Admission opens with a hooky bass and drum intro before letting ‘RIP’. Pun intended. It’s the kind of intro I love. It beats you up a bit, while leaving you with just enough breath to get to the next track. ‘These Data’ is where we really get a feel for the trippy side of this album. Grooving hard in places where repetitive lyrics are broken up by a punchy chorus that reminds me of The Vines when they burst onto the scene with Highly Evolved at the turn of the millennium.

Short, sharp and to the point ‘I Tried To Leave’ sends a message that is stark contrast to the way I feel listening to it. I am not trying to leave, if anything I’m staying. ‘Who Wants To Know’ is a well-rounded piece of art which the hipster squad will love for its quirky back-and-forth vocal sharing while the slightly heavier guitar sound will appease fans of the stoner-rock persuasion.

Another stand-out is ‘Currents’ which reminds me of early Smashing Pumpkins, without the overlaying and overworking of tracks. ‘Future Shock’ is a short burst that rounds out an album that will sit nicely on repeat for the next while.

The album never really lets up and, at times, it’s very difficult to work out how these tracks could be produced in only 14 days, never mind how they’re going to transition from album to the stage. Hopefully they’ll head over to the UK soon to show us.

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