The Dillinger Escape Plan – QMU, Glasgow – 19/01/2017

As far as farewell shows go, that was up there. Not that I’ve been to many but it will take some beating – just like the venue and its contents last night. The Dillinger Escape Plan come with a certain expectation to wreak havoc and leave a trail of destruction on their tours. That expectation was blown out of the water with a set full to bursting with hits and the odd crowd-walk – yes, I said walk, not surf. Walk.

It was reported last week that Scotland produced enough energy via wind farms to power the country four times over. I reckon you would’ve harnessed more from a few hours inside Glasgow’s premiere student venue where TDEP laid waste to a ferocious crowd who weren’t just there to watch, but to participate in the annihilation.

It was no surprise that TDEP are wheeling out some old classics for these shows – one that will see countless tour cycles come to an end in Brussels at the start of March. Bringing down the proverbial curtain on a career that has spanned six studio albums which each have their own unique sound as well as familiar and, at times, urecognisable time signatures. It’s not alway math metal though. TDEP can pull jazz and soft, soulful jams out of their armoury and can leave a crowd in awe as well as short of breath.

A grand farewell indeed. Was it what everyone expected it to be? Yes. Band members flailing around onstage as well as off it. With Ben and Greg trying to out-do each other in the shock-factor stakes with a leap of faith each from differing parts of the balcony above, onto the adoring and rowdy crowd below. It’s highly doubtful we’ll see anything like this again, but in a recent podcast Ben Weinman uttered the immortal words “never say never” so it wouldn’t be a shock to see these guys form again sometime before they’re too old to do what they do.

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