The LaFontaines – Release the Hounds

For the most part I’ve avoided listening to The LaFontaines as I simply just didn’t get them. However, that’s all changed after listening to ‘Release The Hounds’. Funky as hell with a heavy rhythmic beat throughout and angry lyrics spat and shouted through verse after verse separated by a catchy chorus and breakdown.

There’s a swagger in Kerr Okan’s vocal. Instantly identifiable. At first you’re either going to love or hate the style of his delivery. Sadly for me I was turned off to this early on and didn’t give them the time they quite clearly deserve. However, the latest offering has turned my head again, this time in a positive way. The fact I’m currently listening to it at a desk, tapping my feet and nodding away in my own wee world is testament to why you should never judge a band on a first listen – something I’m guilty of on occasion.

The LaFontaines burst onto the scene proper in 2014 when their track ‘Under the Storm’ – from EP of the same name – was used in T in the Park’s announcement video and plastered across social media. From there they’ve managed to snag support slots with bands and artists of high calibre, extending their reach to crowds who would consider them their bread and butter.

Alan Gray

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