The Breathing Room – Man on Fire EP

the-breathing-room-man-on-fire-ep-coverScottish solo artist The Breathing Room, aka Mike Fullerton, prepared the way for the release of his first EP with the single ‘Man on Fire’, the first track on the EP.

This jaunty banjo driven cautionary tale blends Fullerton’s mellow voice with a bouncy airy and somewhat haunting folk sound that sees many instruments weaving in and out of the mix.

Follow-on track ‘Devils and Shotguns’ would benefit from real brass to beef out the sound of this traditional piece of Americana with added celtic vibe. This song canters along which counterpoints nicely the bleak lyric. ‘Country Blue’ does what it says on the tin; a mixture of American Country guitar with Blues rhythms and tropes. It instantly transports you to somewhere dusty and warm, although mostly an instrumental track, the vocal, when it arrives has the same mellowness of tone and the lyric mines traditional Blues themes of booze and sorrow.

This is a nice selection of classical Americana all the way from Dundee, Scotland! Mike Fullerton is singer, songwriter, musician and producer on this EP and it sounds like he had a huge amount of fun recording it. His simple lyrics, restrained vocal style and multi-instrumental yeeha make these compositions stand out. There is little new here but it is presented in a refreshing way and you can taste the dust and smell the mules.

Mr Fullerton has thoughtfully provided a video for that opening track, ‘Man on Fire’

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