Mohawk Radio – 229 Club (Venue 2), London – 25/11/16

mohawk-radio-live-229-club-london-copyright-dadoThe 229 Club in London contains two venues based in the International Students House (a charity, dating back to 1965, which helps students study in London).

Not that you would know the venue was there, as the entrance is via the street straight down some steps (or at least the entrance to the smaller ‘Venue 2’ is which is where we were tonight).

Like the venue, Mohawk Radio have an interesting history. Lead singer Mia Page hails from Bermuda and yet finds herself singing with three lads from Northern England. Swapping the Bermuda sun for the Manchester rain may seem odd but to make it in the music business there are few cities with more musical history than the home of the Stone Roses, Smiths and Oasis.

Page is definitely the main focus. No surprise at all as she is a force of nature with a strong voice and even stronger stage presence. Tonight the crowd are up for it, the 229 may be small but the atmosphere is an alcohol-fuelled Friday night kind of one. It is helped by an enthusiastic hardcore group of Mohawk fans (apparently from Weston-Super-Mare) making a lot of noise. The band respond in kind and fly through their set.

Page really is a big presence up front with bundles of enthusiasm and energy. It’s not all about Page though. The band, Conor Marsh on bass, Dave Quinn on drums and James Gregory on guitar have bucketloads of potential and with songs like ‘Two Million Heart Beats’, ‘Lifetime Sunshine’ and new single ‘On Your Knees’, the group have much to offer.

2017 will be a big year for the band with the release of five-track EP, Shoot From The Hip, in February with the launch party at this very venue. I’ll be at the bar with the Weston crew. See you there.

Rich Kirkwood

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