Highly Suspect – The Boy Who Died Wolf

highly-suspect-the-boy-who-died-wolf-album-coverAs each new single hit the shelves in the run up to the release of The Boy Who Died Wolf my excitement rose a little higher. With last year’s Grammy-nominated debut album Mister Asylum sitting pretty at the top of my “Best of 2015” list there has been a level of expectation and excitement I haven’t really experienced in some time for a new album.

That expectation has been met and then some. The singles released periodically before the album – ‘My Name is Human’, ‘Little One’ and ‘Serotonia’ – lead us off, segregated by unheard tracks ‘Look Alive, Stay Alive’ and the first of the sombre-toned outlet tracks ‘For Billy’ where Johnny Stevens lays down his thoughts on the loss of a close friend to the backdrop of a typically chorus-driven hit.

Of the other new and unheard tracks, the standouts are ‘Chicago’ – one that will hit you right in the feels – and ‘album closer ‘Wolf’ which signs us off in what can only be described as typical Highly Suspect fashion. Slowly building up before quickly dropping back down in pace and volume in line with the at times haunting vocal delivery that Stevens’ has perfected.

It is said that the second album is always the hardest and especially when your first is such a hit. That myth is blown out of the water and The Boy Who Died Wolf will do nothing less than catapult Highly Suspect further into the musical stratosphere. With this kind of momentum I would expect them to be headlining a stadium sized venue near you in the very near future.

Until then, you can catch Highly Suspect in the UK on the following dates:

29 Nov ’16 – Night and Day Cafe, Manchester
04 Mar ’17 – St Luke’s, Glasgow
06 Mar ’17 – O2 Institute, Birmingham
07 Mar ’17 Sound Control, Manchester
09 Mar ’17 – KOKO, London

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