Losers – How to Ruin Other People’s Futures

losers-how-to-ruin-other-peoples-lives-album-coverLosers’ latest effort How to Ruin Other People’s Futures tries to be many things and somehow never quite hits the mark (if that mark needed to be hit in the first place!).

If you don’t already know of them, the band is made up of Tom Bellamy (ex-The Cooper Temple Clause), Paul Mullen (ex-YourCodeNameIs:Milo and Young Legionnaire, Eddy Temple-Morris (DJ/new music radio and club guru), and Dean Pearson (Vennart, British Theatre).

Sonically, there should be a lot to love in here too! Whilst the production qualities are top-notch as well as the playing and sounds coming out of tracks such as ‘Chainsaw’ show great talent, it all sounds very much like a well-trodden path underpinned by an experimental mismatch of attempts to echo the greats of industrial and electronic 90s.

As you listen through the album the sounds of Nine Inch Nails, and in other places the Prodigy jump to mind. The problem is that at no time do they hit the highs of any of those bands, and when they get close all the happens is the song becomes very rooted in that 90s abrasive electronic sound. It’s 2016, and with so much exciting new music and directions being taken in the here and now, what is the benefit of a poor quality fascimile of what went before?

All of the contributor’s previous bands had a more immediate and current sound at their time of activity, and any one of them would likely have fared better individually than this. Unfortuantely the culmination of what Losers have been working towards over the past four years almost doesn’t seem worth the effort.

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