Boy Jumps Ship / 21st State / Cheap Meat / Banshee – Stereo, Glasgow 03/05/2016

I haven’t attended a “blind” gig since Divides and Huxtable in July 2014 and that worked out pretty well.

Banshee were thundering in the deep as I made my way past the No ID crowd and into the depths. Banshee played a solid heavy sound that the locals were enjoying, Erin Donnachie (vocal) was giving a belter of a performance. They finished with the soaring ‘Call My Name’. We like female-fronted bands at Musicscramble and I’ll be keeping an ear open for Banshee.

I thought Banshee were loud until Cheap Meat took the stage and the bass started pushing me about. In a tight set bedevilled with technical issues they showed true professionalism, improvising a hilarious bass n drum jazz pastiche as a filler during a protracted amp snafu. They played their new EP The Parts That Show, even offered to sell a copy on cassette. Sakes! The guitar solo on ‘Eddie and Valerie Van Halen’ was pure showing off and the crowd loved it.

Glasgow’s 21st State blew me away; the guitar work was big and clever, Craig Horne and Andrew Duncan’s voices blended perfectly and the drumming and bass were rock steady. The passion for the music was visceral, Craig Horn’s voice sent shivers up my spine. The use of two Tom Toms along with the drummer on some tracks sent the beat right into your bloodstream. They gave us a glimpse of their new EP Stepping Stones and it’s a six track epic stuffed full of emotion, riff and roar with mild progressive tendencies.

Newcastle’s Boy Jumps Ship were the main event and they opened with latest single ‘Lost and Found’ from their new album Wake Up then straight into ’No Tomorrow’. The boys can be rightly proud of Wake Up; it’s a belter of an album, pop punk done right. They filled the stage with energy and passion, mixed tried and tested material with new and rocked the hell out of Stereo. The set, which include most of the new album, rippled with raw passion and energy and by the time we reached ‘Burn’ at the end the crowd were bouncing and singing at the foot of the stage, the band looked drenched and I had a big idiot grin on my face.

This is a band that deserves a bigger audience for their huge anthemic sound and I think it’s only just a matter of time before they get it.

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