The Brothers Landreth – Broadcast, 27/02/2016

the-brothers-landreth-glasgow-broadcast-liveChance is a fine thing as they say. I had a chance meeting at Heathrow Airport with a gentleman named Joey Landreth who happened to be travelling to Glasgow to kick off his UK headline tour with his band The Brothers Landreth (or The Bro’s Landreth if you’re looking them up on Spotify).

Joey and I started talking, we went for a beer (double espresso and a club soda for the slightly jet lagged Joey) then provided Joey with a lift into Glasgow from the airport. In return Joey offered some guest list tickets for his show at the City’s Broadcast venue the following night.

I admitted to not being familiar with his band and after spending some time with this charming handsome Canadian (my wife confirmed those sentiments) I thought there had to be a catch, his band must suck a bit right?… Nope! They were genuinely awesome. In the last few years I’ve discovered a love for the bluesy, soulful rock that comes from Southern America (check out Blackberry Smoke, Monster Truck) and apparently Canada (fellow Canadians The Sheepdogs). The Brothers Landreth fitted that mould perfectly.

The four piece made up of keys, drums and bass are led by Joey who is a real talent on the guitar as well as vocally, but special mention has be made of the vocal harmonies from all four band members. At times during the set the four gather round a single mic and present a really beautiful stripped back number. Testament to the almost sold out crowd here as you could hear a pin drop with everyone in attendance simply encapsulated and not a word muttered.

The 2015 album Let it Lie is a real treat, a wonderfully produced piece of work full of soul and songs that sound like they’ve been crafted from real emotions. The absolutely beautiful opening track ‘Our Love’ shows off the best of the bands musical abilities whilst it tells a story of how you can continue to love someone but be completely wrong for each other. The song ‘Let it Lie’ is a personal favourite for chilling to, and if you’re looking for something a little rockier then you won’t be disappointed with ‘I Am the Fool’ or the excellent ‘Runaway Train’.

My new rule in life is if I see a guy with a guitar I’m going to talk to him because this experience has turned a simple “hello” in to one of my favourite bands of 2016 so far. I’m looking forward to their return to Glasgow and hopefully some new music before too long.

Photo credit: Iain Mitchell

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