The Colour Line – Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow – 01/04/16

Hull’s mathcore five-piece The Colour Line are quite possibly the most insane live band I’ve ever seen, and I’ve witnessed more than a few. For the entirety of their set, there’s always at least one member of the band in about the crowd. In fact, I could probably count the seconds on one hand that all five of them were sharing the stage – and that was mostly before a note had rung out – when they were setting up their gear.

Most of the time, when you get a band who spend so much time parading around the venue floor you get the feeling it’s a bit of a smoke and mirrors situation, created to hide the fact that the music is maybe not up to much. But, there are no gimmicks here. This band has the talent to back it up.

Frontman Sam Rudderworth has so much presence that you simply cannot ignore him. I mean that literally. Half the time he could be found standing inside some punters personal space, spitting and screaming into a mic held half an inch from their face. Beside that, he has an ability to conduct a crowd with his wit between songs as well as the captivating expertise in which he delivers his vocal. Add to that, the raw energy of those around him and you have the perfect recipe for a band of its genre. Bringing mathcore technicality to the fore are some of the most talented, young guys I’ve had the pleasure of viewing up close and personal in quite some time.

At one point, Sam Arrundell is being carried around the venue on someone’s shoulders as he shreds through a catalogue of riffs. All the while you have Usama Rafique lying bent backwards onstage playing guitar like a Stretch-Armstrong-Jimi-Hendrix.

Just when you think the madness and mayhem have peaked we’re told that there’s one more song. From that point it’s a blur of band members and paying customers rushing the stage to grab drum kit. It’s quickly – in a makeshift manner – reassembled in the middle of the floor and suddenly we’re off again.

A whirlwind lasting mere minutes, with people smashing into one another in a musically-driven-frenzy flashes past and it’s time to say good night. As the lights go up and the bruises emerge everyone looks around at each other with a smile and a look of “what the fuck just happened” etched on their faces we make our way home satisfied and more than a little exhausted.

If you like your gigs unpredictable and energised then you have to see The Colour Line play a venue near you. You’ll be hard pushed to see a band combine the energy and talent that seeps from the pores and freshly sustained cuts on each of them. Alternatively, you can relive last week’s gig vicariously through our photos below.

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