Rikard Sjöblom – Realm of You and Me

This single release from Beardfish front man Rikard Sjöblom, taken from his second solo album Unbendable Sleep, is a departure from his usual fare.

There is still a prog feel to the song but Sjöblom has traded his keyboard for an acoustic guitar giving a more hippy sound to a pleasingly unpretentious arrangement with a great hook. There is a moment in the bridge when the twiddly keyboard starts and you can almost hear them think, “Fuck it, let’s give it the full bhoona” but reason prevails.

‘Realm of You and Me’ is a mid-paced pop rock tale of loss and recovery, building from a single acoustic guitar and Rikard’s voice grows in strength and depth as it progresses. The ghost of Mumford and Sons can be heard in the guitar picking as well as a few nods to prog in the production but it’s Rikard’s voice that holds the track together. I have no doubt that this will have gig-goers holding their phones in the air and singing along. Future anthem? I think so.

The Unbendable Sleep is out on February 10th.

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