A Personal Reflection on Glenn Frey

glenn-frey-70sIn June 2000, (Musicscramble Editor) Gareth introduced me to live music. The story of that first gig deserves a written piece all of its own. Suffice it to say, I was hooked and embarked upon a crazy gig-going calendar for the next 18 months.

If there was anyone (upcoming or established) touring in that period, we saw them. As such there were many bands who could have become “our act”. That band who you had to see on each tour together no matter what. It could have been The Music or Alfie who I believe I saw nearly TEN times around that time, however with the exception of one time in 2010 the band we always saw together was Eagles as Glenn Frey called them (or The Eagles to the other 7 billion on the planet).

With the passing of Glenn Frey a few days ago, this brought it back into focus for me once more. Our lives have taken different and unexpected turns from London to Chester to Glasgow and so on but, simply put, if the Eagles toured it was a simple text message and we were there. Now that has gone!

Lets be clear. Watching the Eagles you always got the impression that Glenn was a bit of a diva. His jokes weren’t funny, his vocals nothing compared to the God amongst lead singers that is Don Henley and he really did not do much on stage. For better or worse however, he was the leader of that band. Writing this listening to the biggest selling album of the 20th Century (The Eagles, Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975), the songs really are timeless covering a range of styles from the blues guitar riff on ‘Already Gone’ to the West Coast sound of ‘Take It Easy’ . Some of the truest rock, easy listening, and harmonic songs ever created.

Critics would say of the Eagles, “why go to a gig of theirs when you can listen to the record?” – as it was just the same thing (nothing on stage ever strayed from how it was recorded). And in a sense they were right; a lot of time was put into making the songs sound as perfect as they could be. That was right up until the last tour. Anyone going to the “History of the Eagles” tour would have been amazed at the transformation as past band members came and went over the course of an evening. This was when they were at the rawest I had ever seen them. And the best! It felt like a goodbye tour and it has, tragically, proven to be.

Goodbye to a part of my life that I will never get back. As for another band as an excuse for catching up, I’ll give that some thought though now with Gareth’s paternal responsibilities it may have to be the next big pop band! Somehow doubt that though…

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