Centrilia – Memento Mori

Memento Mori is the second EP from Heavy Metal maestros Centrilia. Their first EP You Are in Error was excellent, it set a standard of what to expect from this collective of Scottish Rockers, my worry was could Memento Mori compete?

Since the pleasure of watching Centrilia perform their headlining show in King Tuts earlier this year I’ve been looking forward to the EP. It’s a good move to release another EP instead of trying to combine the 10 tracks from both into one album. The reason I feel this? Simply Momento Mori sounds like Centilia 2.0. Everything sounds that bit improved from the song writing style (never predictable but never losing its groove), the vocals (now with more melodic parts proving Gavin can do more than just growl) and perhaps most noticeable is the production.

The drums and bass sound fantastic, and I’ve always been a fan of David’s sound and style of guitar playing and he continues to deliver. Additionally he’s the only guitarist in the band which is rare for metal bands these days.

The five tracks are ‘Tsunami’, ‘Be a Voice Not an Echo’, the excellently named ‘The I in Evil’, ‘The Fall’ and ‘Coffins’. ‘Be a Voice Not an Echo’ gives you the first taste of the more melodic side of things. The chorus is sung which allows you to pick out the words. “So, sing. Raise your voice. Not to prove something but because you’re alive”, which I love. Had that been sung more aggressively the message and sentiment wouldn’t come across as clear.

Track three, ‘The I in Evil’ is by far my favourite track on Memento Mori. There are some parts in here that bring an involuntary little smile to my face as the band perform to their limits. It’s all about the rhythm, the best example being the last few minutes of the track, the classic build up, the slight pause, the growl then “GO!”. It’s not the most complicated riff here (although still not simple I’m sure!) yet it works. It makes you move and feel something (a shiver up the spine for me) and if that’s not the purpose of music then I’ve completely missed the point all these years.

This is another excellent outing the band should be very proud of. These guys stand out in a market that’s a little saturated but Centrilia sound like a band that are true to themselves and want to make music that makes them happy, which in turn just happens to make me happy. There’s not a pair of hair straighteners in sight and no gimmicks. What’s on display is hard work and dedication to their craft. These guys should, and with a little bit of good fortune, will, be rewarded for it.

“Raise your voice. Not to prove something but because you’re alive” quite possibly sums that all up.

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