The Maccabees – Marks to Prove It

Marks-to-Prove-It-Album-Cover-artwork-MaccabeesMarks to Prove It by The Maccabees is the band’s first UK number one album. The follow-up to 2012’s Mercury Music Prize nominated Given to the Wild which just happens to be one of my favourite albums from that year.

I have to be honest, I thought that the band would struggle to top their last effort, but it seems I was wrong. Marks To Prove It is a sublime album. It’s the sound of a band that have honed their craft, unafraid to experiment and completely refusing to compromise their vision. As delicate as it is epic, this is an album that deserves to be listened to, to be the full focus of your attention as opposed to being mere background noise.

That may sound a tad pretentious, but the craft that has gone into creating these songs and into an album beautifully constructed merits a bit of pretension. If you could encapsulate the entire feel of the album in one song, it would be “Spit It Out”. From the delicate start, the haunting keyboards, the build-up and change of tempo, through to the cacophonous outro it is simply magnificent.

However, to focus on just one song would be wrong. From the melancholy of ‘Silence’ to the edgier title track that opens the album, this is, as I may have mentioned, sublime. An album that flows beautifully from one song to the next and, after closing with the Pink Floyd-esque ‘Dawn Chorus’, leaves me very excited about what is to come.

Graeme Campbell

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