Arcane Roots – If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves

arcane-roots-king-tuts-12-may-2015-1With the full EP Heaven and Earth finally given a release date of 16th October, we are offered a taste of the latest work from Arcane Roots with brand new single ‘If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves’. A progressive piece that highlights the best of what this band has to offer.

Beginning with the serenity of a few piano notes we are lulled into a false sense of security before Andrew Groves’ distinct vocal proclaims how empty he has become – then bang, we’re off at a gallop. The machine gun riffs and drumming build the pace and create atmosphere similar to that on both Blood and Chemsitry and – my personal favourite – Left Fire. The only difference this time is the abundance of tension and the over-spilling passion in the music and especially the vocal delivery. This song will leave you breathless and a little bemused at just how far away October is at this point in time.

We were lucky enough to witness this song when Arcane Roots played King Tuts during their festival warm-up tour around the UK. Obviously the version I’m listening to right now is more polished and somewhat easier on the ear. That doesn’t mean you won’t get wrapped up and carried off by the emotion of the song, not at all. If anything this song will grab you from where you stand, chew you up and spit you back out.

‘If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves’ is available to download on [itunes link=”″ title=”iTunes” text=”iTunes”] and listen to on Spotify.

You can also now view the video below – just be aware that it’s packed with so much awesome that it may just make your head explode!

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