Demand Mötley Crüe play your city

motley-crue-play-your-city-demandAs you will no doubt know, Mötley Crüe are calling it quits at the end of 2015.

Having went to extraordinary lengths to make sure that no shows occur after 31st December, they seem to be going all out to fit in as many as possible before that date. Recently they added a host of new US dates to the already large trek, but European shows have been somewhat lacking.

Today that changed. Not however with a simple announcement of dates, rather a poll on their website where you can lobby the band to play one of a selection of cities in Europe as part of their global ‘Final Tour’ (all with Alice Cooper).

Naturally we’d encourage you to vote for Glasgow, but you may wish to vote for a city nearer you. If you’d rather not vote because you don’t care, then please think of me and vote for Glasgow!

You can cast your vote on their site here.

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