Forever Still – Save Me EP

In January Denmark’s Forever Still released the Scars EP, the first of three releases which will constitute an album later in the year. Now we have the second part of the puzzle, Save Me.

Forever Still are likely in a place where they need an introduction to most people. It is lazy of me to simply throw out a list of band names as a comparison rather than describe the band in question. This is especially the case when I want to compare a European rock band with a female vocalist. Let’s just leave it simply as Symphonic Metal is not in their dictionary.

Forever Still are a great rock band who only came onto Musicscramble’s radar at the turn of the year with the release of Scars. To date their output is of a very high standard, and Save Me continues that. The band self-“everything”. Write, play, record, produce (Mikkel Haastrup was trained by Flemming ‘Metallica’ Rasmussen), make videos, “everything”. A truly independant band.

Opening up with a gorgeous display of guitar harmonics, ‘Awake The Fire’ is as straight-up rock as it is filled with melody; a disarming combination. The driving beat and riff hurtles like a freight train taking us to a chorus which gets under your skin and lifts you up as soon as you hear it.

Title track ‘Save Me’ is a power ballad in the vein of the classics. It is not sickly sweet, rather a lament which conveys hurt, needing, and pain. There are cranked up power-chords and some piano tinkling, but at no point does it descend into a pastiche of the genre.

‘Breathe In’ is the track I keep coming back to. I love it. Maja’s guttural scream interspersed with soothing vocals hits the mark perfectly, all the while the guitar playing and drumming underpin the song in an exacting fashion.

The beauty of this EP is, after Scars it is clear that the songs are part of a story, telling the struggles and conquest of a single hero (heroine?). Concept albums have been written many times, but concept EPs which are released in “issue” form, like all the best comic book heroes? This is special, and I for one can’t wait for the final chapter.

I said early in this review the band would likely require an introduction to most. If Forever Still keep up this level of song writing and vision then that need will disappear quickly.

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