Stereophonics – C’est La Vie

stereophonics-cest-la-vie-single-coverStereophonics have released ‘C’est La Vie’, the first single from their forthcoming album, Keep The Village Alive.

I was less than complimentary in my review of their last album, Graffitti On The Train. On reflection the album is OK, not brilliant. Having seen it live a few times helped greatly, and the songs they chose at those shows integrated well in a set of Hits. As an album it’s still a bit “three out of five”.

Therefore it is very much with bated breath that I hit play on this new song. Mid-tempoed and mellow the songs features a faster paced lyric than you’d first expect. In fact Kelly’s singing bizarrely reminds me of John Lydon in a few places, both in style and accent(!?). This is definitely different for Stereophonics, the guitar is buried way down in the mix and the strength is definitely the vocal and harmony chorus. For them it’s weird, but somehow works, albeit with the track somewhat bereft of melody.

Part of my diatribe in reviewing the earlier release was the mix of styles and changing directions. ‘C’est La Vie’ is no different, and as a standalone track works well. Progress and change are good for a band, I like to believe I support evolving styles, but not at the detriment of consistency and quality.It will be interesting to see how it sits among it’s album brethren.

You can watch the video for the track below.

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