Six Arcane Roots songs you need in your life

arcane-roots-artworkWith their recent “Massive UK Tour” announcement – including the added bonus of an intimate gig at King Tuts in May to look forward to – we had to get you guys clued up on all you need to know about one of the hottest three-pieces out there.

Arcane Roots have been around since as early as 2005 in one way or another but the current lineup was formed in 2009, a year before the digital release of their first nine-track mini-album Left Fire. Today, they are Andrew Groves on guitar/vocal duty, Adam Burton slapping the bass and Daryl Atkins on skins.

Four years on from Left Fire saw the release of the monumental Blood & Chemistry. An album packed with great songs that offer so much – from awesome math-core-esque riffing to haunting acoustic melodies. Then there’s the stories told via Groves’ lyrical content, which in itself is a draw that will not only have you running to the dictionary but will send you on a jaunt through the depths of Groves’ fabulistic mind.

Claiming to have taken inspiration from the likes of Biffy Clyro – probably the most obvious like-for-like comparative – and Muse with whom they shared a stage after being invited to support them on the European leg of their tour in 2013, this is a band who find an ease in producing a catchy hook and simplistic structure when it comes to penning a track.

With a new album on the horizon it’s a good time to be introduced to a few hand-picked hits from the catalogue. Here are six of my favourite Arcane Roots songs to get you started. If you enjoy these even half as much as I do then you’ll be hooked.

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