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united-fruit-live-first-run-records-baad-6First Run Records is a new Scottish Independent label established to give a platform to fresh new talent in Scotland. The founders of the label are being joined in the venture by the directors of The Notting Hill Music Group who are one of the UK’s leading independent music publishers.

On the last Saturday in January the label held an event showcasing four of their acts; Lewis Capaldi, Gerry Cinnamon, and two acts who are already favourites within Musicscramble; United Fruit, and Vukovi.

We arrived to the very cold, nay freezing, Barras Art and Design Centre in Glasgow’s East End just as Lewis Capaldi was taking the stage. His solo acoustic performance was very easy on the ears and Lewis was able to captivate the already pretty full venue for the entirety of his set. 

Next up were United Fruit, a band who we’ve featured before, and also were lucky enough to see at last year’s Electric Field’s festival. The band suffered from sound problems at the festival, but not tonight. Their brand of fiery and layered indie rock cut across the room warming everyone.

I have to put my hand up and admit that even with these two shows I still know very little about them, but I do really enjoy their music. It was great to hear them live once again, and this performance cemented my liking of their brand of rock. I (and you) must investigate this band more.

Gerry Cinnamon was a new one on us, though his talent was obvious soon as he started playing. It was also obvious that he’d brought a huge number of his supporters along too.

As it turns out Gerry was heavily involved in last year’s Independence Rallies which is where he grew much of his support and hone his ability to get the crowd dancing, clapping and feeling involved.  Another one man act, his skill at sampling guitar and vocal loops and playing over the top provided a much larger sound than you would expect just by looking to the stage. His set was a mix of Saturday night dance classics and his own material, both lapped up by the crowd.

The night ended with Musicscramble favourites Vukovi who we’ve featured many times in one form or another. The band came out the traps with an agenda to impress, and they impressed (the admittedly reduced) crowd. The band played a few new songs upfront and also live favourites such as ‘Schwagger’.

Tonight that song shifted into Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ effortlessly.  Their take on the song was fantastic, and although it came across as a bit of a laugh I hope they take it seriously and play it more; it really was that good. Sadly their set seemed to be cut shorter than earlier sets, perhaps due getting on stage at the time the event was planned to finish. No matter, what we got was great and with their recent signing to First Run records I hope we don’t have to wait to long to hear studio versions of the new music performed tonight.

The showcase was an excellent night of talent where there was nobody who paled into insignificance, nobody who was “to be honest pretty poor”. It must be recognised then that since all these acts are on one record label, First Run Records has a talent spotter who is themselves talented. I’m the first to admit that sounds a bit cheesy, but what I’ve said is true – the four bands on show here, are on one label, and also impressively are local talent.

Check out First Run Records and each of the bands – you won’t be disappointed.

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