Biffy Clyro – Barrowland, Glasgow – 6/12/14

biffy-clyro-live-barrowland-glasgow-december-2014-2On Saturday night Biffy Clyro played the second in their series of “album” shows at Glasgow Barrowland. Gig #2 had a setlist formed from songs only featuring on The Vertigo of Bliss and Only Revolutions.

Just like the night before the lights go down at 8:30 and the band appear to a raucous welcome. This first song was ‘Bodies In Flight’ from Vertigo of Bliss. Whilst not my favourite Biffy Clyro song it was the perfect opener to get the crowd very much in the mood for what lay ahead. Next up was ‘Boom, Blast & Ruin’ from Only Revolutions, and it was clear that tonight was going to have a similar pattern to alternating between both albums almost song by song.

Third up was an interesting song – ‘Help Me Be Captain’ is a song last played in 2005 and became ‘The Captain’ on Only Revolutions, but is slower, sludgier, and heavier, sharing the same chorus but not the same pop-tastic punch of the song all are more familiar with. That said, it sounded fantastic and served to underline just how special this run of shows actually are. The track eventually became a b-side to The Captain in 2009.

The band were on top form once again, playing with a blisteringly loud (put perfectly formed) sound that rocked the venue throughout and the assembled mass lapped it up. Tonight we were treated to 27 songs, including (sort of) all of Only Revolutions, if you allow ‘Help Me Be Captain’ yet on walking out it felt like we didn’t hear that much from the album. I know that sounds stupid, and it clearly is. However what I think it proved is just how much of a perfect match in sound and vitriol Only Revolutions really is to The Vertigo of Bliss.

From that album we heard all but three songs, the rest of the set made up from b-sides which spanned both albums. It was hearing these rarer tracks which made the show so special. Tonight we got to hear ‘With Aplomb’ and ‘…And With the Scissorkick Is Victorious’ for the first time since 2005, as well as ‘Hiya’, ‘Once An Empire’ and ‘Robber’ for the first time ever live.

Just like the previous night the chat was kept to a minimum, with exception of Simon Neil thanking the crowd once again for the support over the past “10 to 15 years” and that this setlist is entirely made up by us, the crowd in front of him.

Stepping out into the cold wet night I felt very happy to have heard 57 different (including some very rare) Biffy Clyro songs over two nights. What I now can’t wait to discover is what hidden gems and brilliant album tracks we are treated to tonight at the final show of the three.

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