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confess-jail-album-coverSleaze Metal: take everything you love about classic 80’s classic rock, but play it faster, by young bands who have grown up listening to the legendary bands from LA’s Sunset Strip. For whatever reason a good majority of those bands seem to come from Scandinavia. Bands such as Hardcore Superstar, Reckless Love and Crashdiet have die-hard cult followings who flock to their gigs, no matter where, when they are on tour. The latest band to set this scene alight are Swedish rockers Confess.

The band was formed in late 2008 and began writing songs and playing local shows around Sweden before releasing a demo in 2010. The band were signed to American label Sliptrick Records before entering the studio to record The Gin Act EP, released in 2012. After a European tour the band returned to Sweden to record their first full album Jail.

The opening first 4 songs, excluding the intro, are absolute anthems. ‘Relationshit’ and ‘Scream’ form an epic one-two of fist pumping, catchy anthems which sets a great pace for the album. It’s no surprise that these two songs are the lead tracks for the album both having videos released over the internet. The pure down and dirty ‘Pay Before I Go’ follows before the band slow things down for the dark ballad ‘Take Aim’. It’s the production and the way each song flows to the next which stands out on this album, in addition to the songs themselves.

There’s more to come. The band pull out more fast paced, Guns N’ Roses-style rock with songs ‘Back To Hell’ and ‘Bloodstained Highway.’ Whereas ‘Got Lucky’ would raise the roof of an arena in the 80s, and I can see it being a sing along live favourite.

The band brings the 13 track album to a close with a stunning cover of Tina Turner classic ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ which perfectly suits their style (the guitar solo is beautiful). The best part is that it’s a song which everyone knows, everyone will sing to, but it feels “OK” because it’s being done by a rock band. Just the kind of cover I like!

It’s very rare to find an album that after several listens I still love every single song on it. I know it’s a brave statement to make but there is something very Appetite For Destruction about Jail. The raw energy. The awesome guitar licks. The instantly memorable choruses. The energy of the album also seems to pay homage to their fellow countrymen Backyard Babies.

This is a good-time proper rock band which fans of Buckcherry, Guns N’ Roses and Backyard Babies will love.

Now just to wait for some gig dates…but before then you can click below and watch the album trailer from the band!

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