The Wellgreen – The River, Glasgow – 07/06/14

wellgreen-van-review-river-liveA couple of Saturdays ago, I headed along to The River in Glasgow. Although there was an 8 band bill, I was going on the back of some strong recommendation to check out local 4-piece, The Wellgreen. I have to say, other than the size of the crowd, I was not disappointed.

Sometimes you’re lucky and go along to these showcases and see a rough diamond. It’s rare you go along and unearth a precious gem as polished as this. Wearing their influences on their collective sleeves, the guys hammered through a 7-song set made up of glorious 3-part harmonies, ripping guitar solos and great big, glorious tunes. I mentioned the influences – from the Beatles and The Byrds, through Neil Young and up to Teenage Fanclub and Paul Weller, they’re all there. But make no mistake, The Wellgreen are no tribute act. They take these foundations and build their own magic.

Songs like ‘Summer Rain’ and ‘Red Light’ are great tracks and, as I said, the only disappointment was the small crowd. Harking back to my own days on-stage, I’m a great believer that a band improves the better the crowd in front of them. Given that, then I reckon I probably only saw a bit of what The Wellgreen are capable of. I’m sure they’ll get better and better. And that, my friends, is a wonderful thought.

If you see they are playing, I recommend you get yourself down.

Graeme Campbell

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