The Roundup: April 2014

157546_53J_001As you probably know by now, The Roundup is exactly that. Some things that have hit the radar throughout the duration of the month in the world of music. Here at Musicscramble, we each take a turn to write this piece and it can get quite varied due to musical tastes and differences in the group. Reflecting on my choices below, it’s quite obvious that I’ve had a pretty varied month behind me. Here’s my highlights.

Well, first off there’s the awesome single release from Mastodon – ‘High Road’. This song is an absolute grower. I did like it at first as it has that all-familiar sound of Mastodon. Heavy bass and guitar with gutteral vocals and punchy drums. Not only that, as you listen again and again it has a pretty simple but amazing chorus that just seems pretty damn majestic after a while. It’s one of those ones that gets easily stuck in the head – good luck getting it back out!

There was also the demo release of Machine Head’s ‘Killers & Kings’ – huzzah!! I love screeching guitars with a touch of harmonics and pick sliding. I love loud, rumbling vocals. I also love Machine Head. If you too love all of the above, you’d be best giving the new offering from the sub-gods of metal a whirl.

Then there’s even-more-awesome ‘#SELFIE’ by American dance-duo The Chainsmokers. You may think this song is utter tripe, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s clearly a pisstake with a brilliant video. It typifies today’s club-bound teenage girls who are obsessed with taking selfies on their phones and instagramming the shit out of them. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dabbled in the world of amateur-selfie-photography too but this song is a hilarious portrayal of those I’ve just described – those folk who instead of rushing to help at the scene of an accident to help are busy perfecting their best, full-on, duckface pout and capturing the moment before helping. Anyway, have a look at the video, it’s a witty, current snapshot of a society that seems to be becoming more and more irredeemable by the day.

April also seen the visit of a few bands for me, some older and from across waters, one a little closer to home.

First up was Halestorm, a band that seems to impress me with each listen and a band who also know how to put on a good old Rock ‘n Roll show. They finished off with this cracker which pretty much summed up the whole night. A toast to all in attendance and a fitting tribute to a town known for its love of alcohol.

The last gig of the month for me came midway through at Òran Mór where we had the pleasure of watching the highly entertaining and intense set from a band hailing from the West of Scotland – Vukovi. We’ve always been big supporters of Scottish bands and music in general but I personally can’t get enough of these guys. ‘Schwagger’ is a cracking tune but the video adds another hilarious level to it.

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