Kasabian – Eez-Eh

I’m a neutral when it comes to Kasabian. I enjoyed their first album a bit and, although there’s a chance I would turn them over if they came on TV, I could tolerate them. Over the years they’ve dropped in and out of my listening habits, mainly out and have very much been a background band for me.

I was particularly surprised when they got the headline slot at Glastonbury this year – Kasabian? Really? In my mind they are the band that were positioned as the new Oasis, the voice of the upcoming generation – sharply dressed, tidy haircuts, all round geezers that had a good time, partied with Noel Gallagher and had a track on FIFA, but never did anything with it of note. A bit beige. A bit safe I suppose.

Of course many will disagree, and that’s fine. I can understand why people really like their stuff. As I mentioned I’m a neutral and will listen with interest to something new from them, maybe I’ll enjoy it; after all – it’s some real music from a real band. Aware I’m oft the odd one out in particular music conversations among friends I decided I’d listen to the new track with a clean sheet.

‘Eez-Eh’ is staggeringly woeful. Just like hearing Avril Lavingne’s new atrocity I genuinely sat open-jawed, not quite comprehending what was happening. Here was a band who made their name as rock stars; guitars slung like weapons, attitude and everything to play for in the name of rock and roll. What I was hearing was a drunk uncle after a wedding at 2am recording his own take on a Lady Gaga b-side.

The band compared their enormous sound change to bi-polar lunatic Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ and I can see the comparison; that was shit too. If I was a fan of the band I would be furious – where’s the rock and roll? Where’s the attitude, bottles of Jack Daniels and sing-along songs that define moments of your life? It has been ignored entirely and replaced by a track that would suffer to make the cut on tousle-haired, ironic-80’s fashion-rocking Hollyoaks.

Painful, cringeworthy and straight-up bizarre, I just can’t comprehend how this song could have been considered the right move! I am sure hearing it live will be quite the experience with only one member of the band required to do anything; I suspect it involves pressing play and having a bit of a mumble into the mic. They had the audacity to say it was like “Born Slippy but better”. This made it even worse when I listened the 5th time – angry and confused – but laughing inside.

The track is below so have a listen and please let us know what you think. I’d love to hear from a passionate Kasbianite who just adores this new direction.

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