The Roundup: January 2014

e9705128cc2f802bdda24abf37c73c21We’ve always had a section for new bands on the site but January called for a bigger push, a call to arms for the unsigned masses to hear what the next generation of bands had to offer. The amount of interest from bands was absolutely staggering; every day we had something new to listen to, a new video to watch or a new press pack to have a read over. Demand was so high that we now have a New Band editor in place (me) to facilitate the ever-growing list of brilliant bands that have been getting in touch.

From the dawn of time, I’ve always enjoyed hearing unsigned bands. I grew up in Kilmarnock and as such was treated to some brilliant bands through the years; most notably Biffy Clyro who we used to go along and see play at the tiny Burlington Berties. Seeing a band go from literally nothing to being one of the biggest rock bands on the planet is an incredible thing. For me, that’s why supporting and being an advocate of unsigned bands is so important – If we don’t support our local scenes then who knows what we’ll be missing out on in the future.

The past month has really opened my eyes to how rich our local scene is. By local, I generally mean the west coast of Scotland as that’s where most of our contact was from. Some were further afield and as time goes on it’ll be my task to find the best around the country too.

I’ve had the opportunity this month to listen to a wealth of bands I was already familiar with including Culann, The Begbies, Vigo Thieves, Pete MacLeod, and many more. The point of New Band Month was about getting to know more about these bands and others too.  The eclecticism of what we were sent was amazing to hear – rock, metal, punk, mod, indie, ska, dance, it has been brilliant.

My roundup this month then will showcase some of the bands that submitted material to us throughout January. I’d like to clarify that this is by no means my definitive list of favourite bands from the month. I don’t have one. If you unlock what’s in your head and your heart and put that through your music, I’ll like it. The following list is simply a sample of what’s out there.

Stay tuned on the site for further updates on these bands and many, many, many more in the coming months.

The Responsible
– a four-piece Mod band from Paisley/Elderslie. They’ve supported the likes of Adam Ficek of Babyshambles and Twisted Wheel.

SchnarffSchnarff – Inverness/Glasgow-based five-piece rockstars.

Ape Man Alien – Four-piece from Glasgow that write short, hard edged & energetic tunes with a melodic hook.

Whispery Club – Kilmarnock/Glasgow-based three-piece. If you’re into Biffy you’ll be all over these guys.

The Usual – Indie/Punk three-piece from Cumbernauld.

Echo Valley -A Heavy-Psychedelic rock band from Ayrshire

Have Mercy Las Vegas – Folky Bluegrass all the way from Loch Lomond

Holy Pistol Club – A five-piece with their own blend of passionate, enigmatic and sleazy twist on Rock n Roll

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