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CentriliaNot all of the bands we shine the New Band Spotlight upon are comprised of fresh faced youths making their first foray into the big bad world of rock’n’roll. Some are made up of musicians who have had their foot firmly in the door for a while. They may be a little older, but with age comes experience and a considerable amount of practice. Say hi to a band featuring key members of a few of the local metal scene successes.


Who are you and where do you hail from?

We are Centrilia, a new band (although we’re not at all new to playing in bands) and we are 3/4 Glasgow, 1/4 Stirling in origin.

Please introduce the band members.

Gavin Marshall – vocals, David Sandford – guitars, Gareth Ellis – bass, Andy Brown – drums.

Who are your biggest influences?

Far too many to list properly, I would say we actually have a very broad range of inspirations but… Pantera, Machine Head, Slayer, Metallica and Meshuggah stick out as the ‘main’ influences. We’re very ‘early-mid 90′s’ as that’s the era we all got into music.

People will like your music because…

Well, it’s just a bunch of songs, written by guys who have loved that type of metal for over 20 years, so we try hard to make music that you can just enjoy without getting too caught up in a genre, the kind of riffs that hopefully will still be in your head for a while after you’ve stopped your iPod. We’re not the most technical, the fastest, the slowest and we’re not trying to be. It’s just ‘no-core’ metal, from when metal was about enjoying the music and nothing else!

Best gig you’ve played so far?

We’ve not actually played live yet! But we’re ready to, and we’re just keeping an eye out for gigs right now. If anyone wants a heavy metal support band give us a shout!

What’s the bands greatest achievement to date?

Well, as we are a new band, there isn’t many! Recording the EP obviously would need to be it! We recorded with an old friend Thomas McNeice and it was a brilliant experience; we were absolutely blown away with the job he did. We have a pretty impressive collective CV of bands we’ve supported over the last few years in our previous bands if that counts?! They include Machine Head, Lamb of God, Fear Factory, Down, Sick of it All… there’s a long list but sorry, I can’t resist a name drop!

So what are your previous ‘credentials’?

Garth and I were in a band called ‘End of Everything’, we were in that band for years. We never really achieved any success but, we did have a good run supporting some amazing bands and in large venues too. Ministry, Fear Factory, Lamb of God’s sold out download warm up show to name a few. We released two albums on Copro Records through their Casket label and got really good mainstream magazine, Radio 1 Rock Show support. Lots of good stuff, just not enough to make it your job.

Davie’s band was Madman Is Absolute who were a really well received band on the Glasgow scene for years. Same story, they had a load of supports, tours and an album, but not enough for anyone to be able to make it their full time thing. After that band Davie joined the band Man Must Die who are an amazing death metal band and were signed to Relapse Records. I actually designed their latest album artwork and a couple of others and made them a video. He toured with them supporting Machine Head and Decapitated but that kind of ground to a halt as well.

Gav was in a band called Toy, and I think you can probably guess the story…. Support good bands, get a live fan base, get a deal to release an album, can’t do enough to make it full time. Its a very familiar tale for a lot of bands in Scotland unfortunately!

How were Centrilia formed?

Davie and I have been mates since we were about 14/15 and although we’ve been going drinking, partying, gigging since then we were always in another band, so when both our bands had fizzled out and we both worked at the same place, it was an obvious outcome that we could go for a jam. Davie already had a bunch of songs written so, we started practising them, then recruited Garth on the bass. Once we were about up to scratch Davie put out the call for a metal vocalist. Gav was the first one to contact him and Davie sent him a track. He wrote lyrics and recorded his vocals at home and sent it back. We all loved what he’d done and thought he was exactly what we wanted and that was that!

Where can we get your music from?

A free track (which you can see below) can be downloaded from

Our EP You Are In Error is on sale now on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google Play, Spotify, Xbox music and a load more, the full list of links of your choice on our website. And we’ll soon be selling CD’s through our website and Bandcamp. The CD’s have taken a bit longer to get together as we are using metal tins and quality prints instead of a jewlcase or something.

How important do you find social networking and the Internet as a source for promoting and communicating with your fans?

Well, it’s absolutely crucial now. The internet has a pretty obvious downside for music but, a pretty big upside too. The biggest thing clearly though is the instant accessibility. As soon as you book a gig, record a new song, etc, your entire fan base can know about it in seconds and of course for small bands, you no longer need to pay a magazine for an advert and to get your track on their cover CD in order to be heard. I always loved seeing my old band pop up in Metal Hammer, Kerrang! and Rock Sound etc, but as satisfying as that is there’s no sense of what the public actually thinks of you, so with social media you can see directly if people like – or hate – what you are doing.

Where can people keep in touch and follow your movements?

We have all the usual suspects set up
Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –

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