The Roundup: November 2013

litle mixWelcome to this month’s Roundup, a chance for me to share what I’ve listened to throughout November. From the Fab Four to the latest X Factor pop sensations and beyond, I hope you find at least one or two tracks that you may enjoy. And, if Santa is reading, keep an eye out. There may be a subtle hint hidden in the article.

One of the biggest things to happen in the world of rock and metal this month was the announcement of the headliners for next year’s Download festival.

Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion

The first one to really catch my eye was the announcement of Aerosmith in the Sunday night headline slot. I’ve a lot of time for them and have no doubt they’ll put on a show. This is probably my favourite Aerosmith tune, I love the swagger it’s got and the almost deceptive heaviness. Before you realise it, you’re headbanging along.

Linkin Park – One Step Closer

In my eyes the most exciting Download announcement so far, was that Linkin Park are headlining the Saturday doing the full Hybrid Theory album. I’m gonna go on record here and say I like Linkin Park. They get a bit of a bad press for being contrived or whatever, but the tunes are good and it’s a really good album. I saw them before they hit the big time supporting Deftones at the SECC and they blew Chino and the boys off the stage.

A Perfect Circle – Pet

Coming up to Christmas there have been a couple of really interesting box sets released. The first is from A Perfect Circle who have put out a collection of live albums. Included are performances from 2010 where the band performed each studio album in its entirety, plus a full length live DVD and accompanying CD. Strictly limited edition, I’ve had a listen on Spotify and these are brilliant. This isn’t an official video for ‘Pet’, but I love this song and the visuals from Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinthwork rather well.

Therapy? – Living in the Shadow of the terrible Thing

The other box set that really caught my eye was  The Gemil Box by Irish lads Therapy?. I’ve been a massive fan for about 20 years and with 7 CDs, a DVD with 3 live shows, a vinyl release of demos and promos plus a seven track live cassette, it’s a dream purchase. I remain blindingly optimistic that Santa may read this and reckon I’ve been a good boy this year. This is one of their more recent tracks and proves they’re still writing great tunes.

The Beatles – Something

Now, I’m not the biggest Beatles fan there is. To be honest given the choice to take it or leave it, I would tend to leave it. But I heard this covered on The X Factor and really loved it. It’s no surprise to me that it’s a George Harrison penned number given my other favourite Beatles song is ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’.

Little Mix – Move

And speaking of The X Factor, I’ve very recently been introduced to these young ladies. I knew of them but had, as it turns out, rather unfairly written them off as reality show gubbins. Hands up, I was wrong. This is great pop, very reminiscent of Girls Aloud and there’s no way that can be a bad thing. Joyous.

The Breeders – Cannonball

Earlier this month I caught the Pixies and it was magnificent. The only downside was that Kim Deal wasn’t there, so in order to get my Kim fix I’ve dug this out. An alt-rock anthem, it doesn’t need much introduction, it just needs turned up really, really loud.

Rage Against the Machine & Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill A Man

I’ve listened to quite a bit of Cypress Hill over the last week or two and popped onto YouTube to have a wee look at what was there and found this. And I couldn’t not share it, could I?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Roundup this month. We would love to hear what you’ve listened to in November.

Graeme Campbell

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