8 horror-inspired Halloween music videos

Published on the last day of the month, The Roundup feature usually reflects on the music experiences we’ve encountered throughout that month. However as today that also happens to be Halloween I wanted to change things slightly and take a look at both the horror and humour of musicians over the years as they’ve amused and scared us.

Rob Zombie – Dragula

Let’s start with horror filmmaker and musician Rob Zombie.

Often overlooked, everything which is great about Rob Zombie is present in this video as horror-schtick, classic movie clips, dancing robots and imagery of laughing clowns, atom bombs, and much more (whilst Rob drives his hotrod) all come together to form the video for ‘Dragula’. 

Thirty Seconds to Mars – The Kill (Bury Me)

Speaking of horror films, actor Jared Leto’s band released this clever homage to The Shining for the video for ‘The Kill (Bury Me)’.

Little else needs to be said really.

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

I was just the right age to LOVE this film and song when it was first released in 1984. Comedy scary ghostly fun with the brilliant Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd, directed by Ivan Reitman – what was there not to like?

This is one of the first 7″ singles I ever bought and the track still sounds great.

Alice Cooper – Feed My Frankenstein

The original master of horror Alice has shocked people since before I was born. He has embraced the horror theme, has lyrically twisted songs, but also takes in the humour that is also connected with Halloween. Let’s not forget he has a ghost-house attraction in theme parks, and still plays those halloween shows regualrly.

Watch Alice sing about Frankenstein whilst Wayne and Garth run around backstage…

Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People

Creepy bugs, weird experiments, agitated movements of both band and characters the video for ‘The Beautiful People’ encapsulates all that is Marilyn Manson.

Some say he is the pretender to Alice Cooper’s throne, others that he is the Anti-Christ (Superstar?) either way this is a great song and video.

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

The Chris Cunningham video for Come To Daddy is disturbing.

From suburban dystopia to the creepy kids looking like Richard D James, the video is a masterpiece and needs to be seen at least once in your life.

Huey Lewis & The News – Doing It All For My Baby

I love Huey Lewis, and was lucky enough to see hear them play this very track live last month.

At the height of their career this Fore! track was released, the video has a Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’-esque intro. It is worth watching throughout, but if you just want the dressing up laughs then forward to 3:42

Michael Jackson – Thriller

The video for Thriller was a mini-movie, and the proper first of its kind. At almost 15 minutes long and directed by John Landis we see a horror story play out, some fantastic early 1980’s special effects all coming together to a truly memorable video.

The true horror in the video for me though is the way Michael eats popcorn, but still…

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