Pearl Jam – Mind Your Manners

Pearl Jam-FEATUREExciting news today for fans of Pearl Jam. Firstly, the band’s tenth studio album is produced by long time collaborator Brendan O’Brien who first worked with the band on their second album, Vs.

This will be the first new music from the band since 2009’s Backspacer and is due for release internationally on October the 14th with the release in the US following on the 15th.

Secondly, a tour of the US & Canada will kick off in Pittsburgh on October the 11th and rolling through until early December. Fingers crossed any UK dates announced manage as far north as Glasgow.

Finally, today also saw the release of ‘Mind Your Manners’. This is the first track from the upcoming album. No news as to whether it will become a single or if it’s just a taster, but it definitely has the guitars turned up, Eddie on form and bodes well for October.

Listen below.

Graeme Campbell

Graeme Campbell

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