New Band Spotlight: Evacuees

EvacueesWho are you and where do you hail from?

We are Evacuees, from Bath, UK

Please introduce the band members.

Evacuees came into bloom in the spring of 2011. I (Dean- Vocals) was invited by Will (drums) and Joe (bass) into ‘the bunker’ and writing began almost immediately. Mark (guitar) joined us a little bit later and things really began to take off and Evacuees were born. We were previously all in local bands of varying degrees of success and genres, although they hold no relevance to Evacuees.

There is no real reason for the band being formed, apart from a mutual love of music and the desire to play live. we have no expectations other than to play and write as best as we possibly can and to convey the audience the intent and message behind the songs. anything else is a bonus.

How would you describe your sound?

Our sound is a melting pot of our influences. We have an anthemic, melodic, yet melancholic indie rock sound. The subject matter of the songs deal with issues that effect every one of us. Love and life, hope and fear, and fight or flight. The structure and melody of the songs however, give a rousing, anthemic feel to the songs.

Who are your biggest influences?

The band is influenced by a wide spectrum of bands and musicians. Manchester Orchestra, early Radiohead, Amplifier, Thrice and Brand New to name a few. We have been told by promoters and fans alike that our sound is difficult to pigeonhole, which is no bad thing, and this is a result of our varied interests and influences.

People will like your music because…

Our gigs are an intense, intrinsic, yet vitriolic, sing along affair. Tears have been known to fall as well as many a drink being drunk.

Evacuees Band Shot

Where can we get your music from?

Our début EP entitled The Time Is Killing Me is available for free download at, or come say hello and hold your hand out at a gig. We have a few live videos on our website – as well as the usual gallery of pics, live listings and lyric sheets.

Best gig you’ve played so far?

The tour supports have been special. we have been lucky enough to share a stage with Amplifier, The Twilight Sad, Bleech and Fighting With Wire as well as playing this years Dot To Dot festival in Bristol.

What’s the bands greatest achievement to date?

The stand out moment would be supporting the mighty We Are Augustines at Bristol’s Thekla. ‘Twas a brilliant night with a brilliant band.

Where can people keep in touch and follow your movements?

You can follow us on Facebook and on Twitter at @EvacueesBandUK

How important do you find social networking and the Internet as a source for promoting and communicating with your fans?

Social networking is vital for DIY bands to get your name out there and getting people to listen to our hard work and come to gigs.

What are you up to now?

We are mainly concentrating on new material with a view to head into the studio in over Easter. The bulk is written and have been playing a few live to which we get a great response. We are to record in Cornwall at the VIP Lounge, so apologies in advance to anybody down there for ruining your tranquil downtime!

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